NCSBTC Limit Show 2017
Judge Lee Page
Thank you to Northern Counties SBT Club for inviting me to judge their Limit Show. I would so like to thank the Committee and Stewards for making the day run smoothly.
Special thanks go to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over dogs. I enjoyed my day immensely, congratulations to all the exhibitors and everyone involved.
Best Dog Little Earthquakes Power Strike at Waystaff 
Reserve Best dog Foylegarth Hakuna Matata
Best Bitch Manark Star of Stoner
Reserve Best Bitch Valglo Deja Vu
Best In Show and Best Puppy In Show Little Earthquakes Power Strike at Waystaff
Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex In Show Manark Star of Stoner
Best Veteran In Show Rekrahstaff Miss Attitude cum Geordiestaff

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Little Earthquakes Power Strike at Waystaff
Black brindle with white chest, Very eye catching pup. Keen expression with nice round dark eye. Head shape strong but not exaggerated, good mouth, ears with a nice short coat. Held topline on the move, good bend of stifle. Moved well for a puppy. Best Dog, Best Puppy and Best in Show.
2nd Trawden Ice Cool 
Good Red & White pied dog, good head and expression. Dark eyes, with tidy ears. If they can settle the dog i can see him doing well, very unsettled hard to access.
3rd Calazde Black Hawk War
Puppy Dog
1st Trawden Ice Cool 
See minor puppy dog.
Junior Dog
1st Marvel's Top Secret
Black Brindle with a strong head, he had a good mouth. In good fit condition with a level topline, he was very alert. Straight front with neat well padded feet, moved and handled well.
2nd Jolihem Stand By Me
White dog with a lovely head piece leading in to a strong neck, nice round dark eyes. Straight front with level topline, moved well.
Maiden Dog
1st Jolihem Solid Ground
White dog with dark markings, nice strong head with nice round eyes, strong front leading to nice neat feet, level topline.
Novice Dog
1st Marvel's Top Secret
See Junior Dog.
2nd Calazde Black Hawk War
Black Brindle with a decent head, good front, held his topline on the move, tail set nice, moved well.
Post Graduate Dog
1st Foylegarth Hakuna Matata
Black brindle dog with a very nice strong head, with round dark eyes, strong muzzle with a good mouth. Straight front with tidy feet, good body, level topline with a powerful backend, moved and handled well. Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Hammystaff Fire Blade
Red Dog, Nice head with round dark eyes, good compact and balanced body, good mouth, straight front with a level topline. Moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Valglo Déjà vu
Black brindle Bitch with white chest, very nice young pup, strong yet feminine head, good straight front with lovely tight feet, good spring of rib, compact body with a good backend, moved & handled well. Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs
Red & white petite girl with a pretty neat head, nice dark eyes, clean mouth with correct bite, straight front, moved well.
Puppy Bitch
1st Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff
Red & white pied, she had a lovely head shape with nice dark round eyes, Good lean mouth, level topline that she held on the move, Nice straight front with good feet, Moved well.
2nd Bethaleese Melisandre
Brindle girl with a good head, nice dark eyes, good mouth with a nice strong muzzle, straight front, good rib and topline moved well.
3rd Sleetmore Twice As Hot
Junior Bitch
1st Chiswellstaff Jean Genie
Black Brindle with a nice pretty head, nicely placed ears, dark round eyes, correct bite, level topline which she kept on the move. Moved and handled well.
2nd Jolihem Sugar Pie
Petite Red bitch, lovely head, nicely set dark eyes, correct bite, front straight, topline level that lead in to a strong backend. Moved well.
Maiden Bitch
1st Mills Sidam Wonder
Black Brindle, Clean tidy girl with a lovely head, good bite, with dark eyes, nicely placed ears. Straight front with feet turning out slightly, good level topline. Moved well.
2nd Jolihem Honey Bunch
Red & white Nice bitch with a nice head shape, nice dark eyes, nice short muzzle with a good bite, Straight front and good topline.
3rd Bethaleese Melisandre
Novice Bitch
1st Mills Sidam Wonder
See Maiden Bitch.
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Willowstaff Double To at Sleetmoor
Nice red standard bitch, nice head, dark eyes and nicely placed ears, good mouth, good topline. Moved well
Limit Bitch
1st Alport Miss Prada
Good strong headed black brindle bitch with pronounced stop, nice dark round eyes, Lovely straight front, well boned, neat feet, topline ok. Moved well.
2nd Geordiestaff Luv Bobbiedog
Black brindle bitch, nice head with a dark eye, good spring of rib, compact body, moved ok, handled well.
Open Bitch
1st Manark Star of Stoner
White with Red markings, good head shape with a nice expression, Well placed ears, lovely round dark eyes, correct bite, straight front good rear end, handled and move well. Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show
Veteran Bitch
1st Rekrahstaff Miss Attitude cum Geordiestaff
Black Brindle bitch with a nice head shape, good bodied for age, clean straight front level topline. Moved well
2nd Russtaff Lilis Lady
Black Brindle who was very similar to first place, good compact body for age, lovely head, straight front moved well