Northern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier  Club Open Show  2017

Judge Nigel Hunt

BIS - Karlson & Beaufoy's -  Jewelstaff Rocker Billy Boy

RBIS -  Stanway's - Waystaff What A Cracker

BP -  Axe's - Harley's Choice


Minor Puppy 3 (0)

1st  Lindley's - Dazmarnic Me To You Red. Lovely head shape with dark round eye and correct shaped ears , nice expression,level topline when stood  moved well , very nice puppy

2nd Dusklight Againts All Odds

3rd Beaufoy's -  Wyrefare Ace Of Spades

Puppy 5 (1)

1st  Axe's  - Harley's Choice Black Brindle beautiful fantastic and all other words that can describe this youngster .... he stood out as soon as he came into the ring loved him, balanced and super condition 

2nd Stanways' -  Little Earthquakes Power Strike at Waystaff (IMP Bel)

3rd Brady's - Calazde Black Hawk War

Junior 1 (0)

1st  Allsopp's - Rubericla Trail Breaker   Black Brindle nice round head with good ear shape and dentition, stood square and moved ok 

Maiden 2 (0)

1st Brady's - Calazde Black Hawk War good overall dog moved and handled well maturing nicely good head shape ok dentition

2nd  Stanways' -   Waystaff Strike Force

Novice 2 (0)

1st Brady's - Calazde Black Hawk War

2nd  Stanways' -   Waystaff Strike Force

Graduate 0

Post Graduate 2 (0)

1st Brady's - Foylegarth  Hakuna Matata  Black Brindle nicely balanced with good shaped head and ears level topline movement good

2nd Yorke's - Braunstaff Feel The Noise

Limit 2 (0)

1st  Karlson & Beaufoy's  - Jewelstaff Rocker Billy Boy Black Brindle very nice i have seen many pics of this dog and was so happy to have the chance to judge him .. he was presented in super condition totally balanced lovely dark round eye good ear shape stood square with level topline which continued on the move nice tight feet  very happy to award him Best in Show

2nd Woolley's -  Speedhunter Paso Doble at Bethaleese

Open 2 (0)

1st Stanway's - Waystaff What A Cracker Brindle and White another lovely dog from this breeder shown in very fit condition very nice and typey and pleasing to the eye awarded Reserve Best in Show

2nd Hall's - Geordiestaff  Canny Laddie

Veteran 1 (0)

1st Matthews & Particks' - Absolute Star Black Brindle fella of 9 years standard with good shape head dark eye moved well enjoyed his day out


Minor Puppy 2 (0)

1st Karlson & Beaufoy's  - Jewelstaff Silver Slippers nice puppy maturing nicely could have a promising future 

2nd Pepper's - Dringshaw Carrasco

Puppy 0

Junior 4 (1)

1st Stanway's - Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff (IMP Esp) Red and White youngster coming along nicely movement very good nice square front level topline

2nd Blow's - Valglo Deja Ve

3rd Ryan's - Rubercila Little Elita One

Maiden 1 (1)

Novice 2 (2)

Graduate 3 (1)

1st Dajast Sweetie With Jamin Loz JW Brindle good quality bitch nice tight feet ...lovely head shape and correct ear position dentition good and nice dark eye moved ok Awarded Reserve Best Bitch

2nd Ryan's - Rubercila Little Elita One

Post Graduate 2 (2)

Limit 4 (0)

1st Boulton's - Albermarbull Moulin Rouge at Dusklight Red and White with darker mask. stood square and movement was good well defined muscle.lovely shaped head i was taken to her so much i  awarded her Best Bitch

2nd Woolley's - Bethalese My Girl

3rd Hall's - Gordiestaff Luv Bobbie Dog

Open 4 (1)

1st Stanway's - Waystaff Little Cracker Brindle and white another from this successful breeder of type superbly fit and a credit to the owners movement very good headshape and dentition ok

2nd Peacock's - Manark Star of Stoner

3rd Matthews'  - Janjoma Boniwee Gurl

Veteran 5 (3)

1st Munn's - Russtaff Lilis Lady Brindle and White lovely old lady of ten years couldnt resist  giving her Best Veteran

2nd Hall's - Rekrahstaff Miss Attitude cum Geordiestaff